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Author Topic: VDNI  (Read 1078 times)


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« on: 27 September 2021, 01:33:51 »
So I was reading through interstellar operations and I was looking at ways of creating my Manei domini. Now I knew about the rules from Jihad hotspots 3072 But I was told that their  actual rules were located in interstellar operations

So I looked at the VDNI Which does exactly the same thing it did in all other previous rule sets -1 to your piloting and gunnery but also every time your internal structure took a damage, on an eight or better your pilot takes a pilot hit

I went to look up how to calculate the BV for this “upgrade” and it said you pay BV for the adjusted piloting and gunnery of the pilot

So I take a 3/4 pilot but pay for a 2/3 if I take VDNI

Now here is my question


There is no way that this can be correct and it should be errated

Because you are literally paying BV just to take deficits at that point
All you get for paying for the better pilot is disadvantages which is every time I take damage to my internal structure I run the risk of taking a pilot hot versus I could just pay the exact same BV for 2/3 pilot

Why is this like this?  there is no advantage for this.
am I not understanding how the rules work?
And saying “well you don’t have to take it” doesn’t justify why this is the way it is

It should have at least a lower BV because you are taking disadvantages that can kill you in CBT with NO upside.

Normal 2/3 bv = 3/4 VDNI bv This makes zero sense if the pilot with VDNI risks taking pilot hits every single time his internal structure gets damaged

Any help would be nice the rules are on page 84 in interstellar ops


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« Reply #1 on: 27 September 2021, 01:54:08 »
Also buffered VDNI kinda gets rid of the VDNI issue if you pay for a a gunnery one better then what you took

But again WHY!? So you can literally pay more bv then if you just took a pilot that was 1 better

This is silly and needs to be errated

BVDNI 2/3 pilot ignores small cockpit +1 piloting disadvantage but you pay for a pilot that is a 1/3 OR just pay for a 2/2 pilot base which is 400 cheaper on average and does the same thing