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Author Topic: (CO) Zweihander SPA Attacker Damage Using Improvised Clubs  (Read 499 times)


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CO is unclear how to apply Zweihander SPA's attacker damage when using improvised clubs, especially given the Slugger SPA's wording.

The rules state:
TW, 7th printing, pg 146: An improvised club occupies both of a 'Mechs hands.
CO, 2nd printing, pg 80: Slugger: Wield improvised clubs one-handed, cannot be used with Zweihander.
CO, 2nd printing, pg 82: Zweihander: You can use it with either punches, which requires critical checks on both arms, or one-handed weapons, which only requires a critical check on the 'Mech's attacking arm. However, it then goes on to specify it works with improvised clubs... which use both arms.

My interpretation of these rules is that both arms must make critical checks when using an improvised club. However, it's unclear from the two rules how they interact, especially given the wording of the Slugger SPA on CO 2nd printing pg 80.

As a temporary bugfix I've implemented my interpretation in MegaMek, but would prefer to handle it correctly.
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