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Author Topic: (Answered) ECM Additional Rules and Boosted C3  (Read 1132 times)


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(Answered) ECM Additional Rules and Boosted C3
« on: 26 January 2012, 20:02:07 »
Dear Catalyst Team,

             Regarding ECM, ECCM and C3 Boosted (and, for that matter, Bloodhound Active Probe), my GM and I had an interpretation question; will Boosted C3 work against any number of standard ECM suites (implying there is something special about Angel's jamming methods) or will any ECM equivalent of Angel (such as two non-countered Clan ECM's or Guardian ECM's) inhibit its operation?

            Thanks for your time,
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Re: ECM Additional Rules and Boosted C3
« Reply #1 on: 01 February 2012, 19:33:55 »
Standard ECM, in any numbers will not impact the operation of a Boosted C3 network.

yes, Angel ECM operates on a different "wavelength" than standard ECM.
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