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Author Topic: (Answered) AES + Targeting Computer legality  (Read 1686 times)


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(Answered) AES + Targeting Computer legality
« on: 06 December 2011, 04:14:01 »
As I understand it, the AES system is incompatible with Targeting Computers, thus you cannot use both to garner a -2 To-Hit modifier on the same arm-mounted weapon.

I want to ask, however, is it still legal / feasible to mount both systems on the same mech?

For instance, if I had an arm-mounted SRM-2 and Medium Laser, would the AES apply for the SRM-2 and not be of extra benefit for the Medium Laser? What if I wanted to build the AES into say, a mech simply for the added agility/refinement but I used a Targeting Computer because I needed it for other weapons on the rest of the mech?

Also, bonus round... could one use both an AES system, and a Battlemech Claw system, to create extremely delicate hand actuator control? Not for game rules benefit... but for say, doing giant public murals on an industial mech or something.
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Re: AES + TC legality
« Reply #1 on: 06 December 2011, 12:10:29 »
I believe the two of them together on a unit makes it an invalid design.
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