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Author Topic: (Answered) Captured Units and C3 Networks  (Read 1431 times)


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(Answered) Captured Units and C3 Networks
« on: 03 August 2011, 12:52:04 »
On page 216 of Tactical Operations, it says that a captured unit may be immediately plugged into a friendly C3 network as long as it wouldn't violate the C3 network rules starting on page 131 of Total Warfare.  On pages 132-133 of Total Warfare, it is spelled out that a C3 network must be established and declared before play, meaning that plugging a captured unit in unless it was declared before play to be a member of the network is an automatic violation of the C3 network rules.

Does this represent a deliberate exception to the normal C3 network rules?  If so, is errata necessary?

Mod Note: answered in the latest errata.
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