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Author Topic: rapid-fire machine guns  (Read 2865 times)


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rapid-fire machine guns
« on: 03 November 2011, 13:58:50 »
Do the rules for rapid-fire machine guns on pg. 102 of TO stand-alone, or does the application of this firing mode also imply compliance with the rules for rapid-fire weapons on pg. 114 in TW?

As an additional thought/question ... pg. 100 of TO details the use of standard ACs in rapid-fire mode and describes the jamming/ammo-explosion possibilities for such an application.  Shouldn't these rules also be applies to the use of machine guns firing in rapid fire mode as well?  For instance, an AC/2 firing in rapid-fire mode uses 2 ammunition, delivering a total of 4 points of damage; while a machine gun using rapid-fire mode could use up to 18 ammunition, dealing 6 points of damage.

Thanks for your help.