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Author Topic: (Answered) Overrun Combat  (Read 2581 times)


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(Answered) Overrun Combat
« on: 27 January 2011, 01:47:02 »
Reposted from the previous forum - original question by Rexor-K (revived because I'm interested in the answer).

I had my first live game using Over-run combat & it inspired me to ask this question (Though I think I know the answer).

When I originally read the Rules for Overrun It seemed like a decent power allowing you to Kill/Cripple/Wound a target BEFORE it can fire back.  Decent but not omnipotent early in the game.

However reading the rules v/s live practice pointed out a much deadlier benefit.

Since the attacks occure BEFORE the movement phase does this also mean that the targets get NO target movement modifier?

Example:  A Ferret Light Vtol moving 18+ Hexes creates a +6 (5+1airborn) movement mod every turn.
So if Overrun combat kicks in you get to completely negate the movement modifier of a targeted unit because it was +6 "Last Turn", but now the movement-mod dice have been removed from the table & the unit has yet to move "This Turn".  So its at a +0 ?  (Vtol +1 in this case).
So even though its been on a 200KPH sprint every turn in effect its standing still if the enemy kicks in Overrun Combat & targets it ?

I just want to clarify that the previous turns movement mod would be erased and not "carry over" to the beginning of the next turn when Overrun is used.
If that is the way it was intended then cool,  I just never realized it,  but it is Incredibly powerful against light units that have their speed mod erased.
As we saw when 10+ Runners & 7+ Jumpers evaporated to units with Overrun when their movement mods disappeared.

So to clairify..... is any unit targeted by an Overrun Combat unit considered to have no movement mod (+0) regardless of the previous turns movement ?

If this is the case I'll be fielding all assaults in the future against Overrun since they get minimal mods anyway : )

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Re: Overrun Combat
« Reply #1 on: 27 January 2011, 19:54:22 »

You are correct. Due to the way the abstract game system works, units are considered "stationary" at the start of the turn. Call it, leading the shot, or whatever but you have no movement modifiers at the start of the turn.

As always, with advanced rules some common sense is needed. If the rule is over powered, you may want to put in a house rule or choose not to use the rule.

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Re: Overrun Combat (Answered)
« Reply #2 on: 27 January 2011, 20:11:21 »
Thanks for the answer!
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