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Author Topic: Active cover and Hull down  (Read 296 times)

Vincent Red

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Active cover and Hull down
« on: 27 November 2022, 12:43:47 »
Hey guys,
can you combine "active cover" with Hull down to get +3 bonus from cover even if the enemy is higher then you?

Tac Ops page 88 "A ’Mech can move to the edge of the hex it is occupying to actively “take cover,” gaining partial cover through a single chosen hexside regardless of the attacker’s level. Naturally, the hex behind which the target takes cover must be half the level of the ’Mech—that is, one level higher than the underlying terrain in the hex in which the ’Mech is standing. The hexside must be chosen at the beginning of the Weapon Attack Phase, and a unit taking cover may not torso twist."