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Title: (Answered) Ammunition Trailers
Post by: CVB on 13 July 2021, 16:25:06
TO:AR, 4th printing 2020, p. 105
Using this rule, a vehicle attached in a Tractor/Trailer
combination can use the ammunition carried by an
adjacent, attached vehicle.

1) "Use the ammunition": Can ammunition carried by one vehicle in a chain be "used" to be drawn and fired by another vehicle in the chain immediately ONLY, or does "use" also include drawing ammunition to top off/reload (partially) empty bins?

Example1: Tractor A is equipped with two AC5s and two ammo bins, currently loaded with standard and precision ammo. It pulls a trailer B with two additional tons of ammo, in this case flechette and tracer.
During a battle, A fires off all the precision ammo from one of its own bins before any of the other three bins is empty.
May A "use" the ammo from one of B's bins to store it in the now empty ammo bin? (Because e.g. A is better armored, or wants to cast off B to regain MP)
If yes, may A continue to fire tracer or flechette ammo while topping off from B at the same time?

2) Does "adjacent" refer to location on the map,or sequence in the tractor/trailer combination? In other words, does "adjacent" mean that the attached vehicle has to be in the same or an adjacent hex (following stacking rules, of course), or does it mean that only vehicles coupled directly to each other in a tractor/trailer chain -without any other intervening vehicles- can share ammo?

Example2: The situation is as above, but now there is also a trailer C, attached to the back of B (A-B-C). C carries a ton of armor-piercing ammo.
May A fire AP ammo drawn from C?
If yes: can ammo be passed along through any vehicle, or is an ammo bin on intervening vehicles (in this case, on B) a prerequisite?

Note: This may be relevant for the Mobile Long Tom.

3) Is there a limit how many rounds may be drawn from an adjacent vehicle at the same time?

Example3: Vehicle X is an SRM carrier modified with a trailer hitch. It pulls a trailer Y with SRM ammo.
May X fire all ten SRM6 launchers with ammo pulled from Y?
Assuming that Y stores different types of SRM ammo, may X draw different ammo types from Y to fire at the same time?

4) May a tractor/trailer combination consisting of a push trailer and a pull trailer between a tractor draw ammo via both the front and rear trailer hitches?

Example4: As Example 2, but now the chain is B-A-C, not A-B-C.
Can A select which trailer B, C to draw ammo from?
If yes, can A draw ammo from both B and C at the same time?

Thanks in advance for your time!
Title: Re: (Research) Ammunition Trailers
Post by: Xotl on 05 August 2021, 12:30:03
1: Immediate use only.  No top off.
2: Only vehicles directly coupled can share ammo.
3: No limit.
4: The tractor may pull from either trailer in that example.  But one trailer may not pull from the other.
Title: Re: (Answered) Ammunition Trailers
Post by: CVB on 05 August 2021, 13:00:16
Thank you!