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Author Topic: (Answered) Actuator Enhancement Systems and Ultra-Light Mechs  (Read 1436 times)


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Page 278 of Tactical Operations features the rules for Actuator Enhancement Systems, which state that each AES component occupies 1 critical slot per the weight class. Specifically, AES occupies 1 slot for light mechs, 2 for mediums, 3 for heavies and 4 for assaults. Missing from this list are Ultra-Light Mechs.

My question is: how many slots do AES components occupy on Ultra-Light Mechs?

There are two answers that immediately present themselves:
  • For simplicitiy's sake, AES components also occupy 1 slot, the same as Light Mechs.
  • Alternatively, following from the pattern established above, AES components actually take up no slots in Ultra-Light mechs. (Personally, I think gives Ultra-Lights a small, but interesting feature, and also helps to reinforce Ultra-Lights as a definitive class of mech.)
I look forward to your response!
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Re: Actuator Enhancement Systems and Ultra-Light Mechs
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Treat them as light mechs.

Along those lines, we'll be adding an errata to page 378 to note "If size category is important, treat Ultra-Light BattleMechs as Light BattleMechs."
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