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Author Topic: (Answered) Weight Class Physical Attack Modifier and Push Attacks  (Read 1214 times)


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Another case that has occurred recently during "capture a hex" scenario. It is easier for a light mech to push an assault than other way round. That is because light mechs substract -2 from their physical attacks TN (p.88 Tac Ops) and all it takes to push another mech is one successful piloting roll. This is a very counter-intuitive ruling- pushing requires to apply force and some of it comes from pushers weight, so a heavier mech should have an easier task here no matter if it is pushing or is pushed.
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Re: Weight Class Physical Attack Modifier and Push Attacks
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The intent behind these rules is that "it is easier to control a lighter-weight ’Mech than a heavier one when it comes to the extra agility required to make physical attacks."  Therefore, the modifiers listed are as intended.
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