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Author Topic: (Answered) Airburst Mech mortar vs VTOLs  (Read 225 times)


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(Answered) Airburst Mech mortar vs VTOLs
« on: 08 June 2020, 10:31:59 »
1.  Airburst Mech mortars and VTOLS.  Tactical Operations.  Pg 373.
Airburst Mech Mortars attack a hex.  All units in the hex take damage.  But the question is, do units that have elevation in that hex take damage from Airburst mortars?
On one hand, the rules say all units take damage.  There is no mention of the elevation.  And there is even an extra line saying that only units in a building avoid the damage.   On the other hand, this question has come up 3 times that I've noticed without it ever being answered definitively.

And I think I know the reason why it keeps coming up.  The first Area effect weapon mentioned in the rules,  Aerospace bombs,  can not affect units 1 elevation above the level of the hex, unless either a building or water is involved.

Things get more complicated when the Artillery rules in TacOps are introduced.  It represents another explosive Area effect weapon, similar to bombs.  It also adds a vertical component to damage fall off. (TO, pg 182)  If bombs followed the same logic as an artillery strike then they would never be able to affect a unit at elevation 1 anyways.  It only makes sense to hard-wire in the apparent immunity of units using elevation to bombs in Total Warfare.  Keeps things simple.

2.  Minefields that also damage all units in a hex.  (TO, beginning on pg 207)(Area Effect damages all units in a hex TW Pg 113)
Once again, elevation is not mentioned.  Though It is widely and customarily assumed in my opinion that the damage only affects units with zero elevation over the terrain.  Especially since damage to mechs uses the kick table.   But for the record,  Is the damage from a minefield attack limited to only units with zero elevation over the terrain?

3.  Conventional Minefields Single target or Area Effect?
An oddity I noticed is that it says Minefields are Area Effect weapons (TO pg 207),  but the rules for standard mines are written towards affecting the unit that triggers them, without reference to any other unit that may already be in the hex with the minefield. (TO pg 208)  So in terms of an example,   If a Mech is standing in a Minefield, and an enemy infantry platoon moves into that hex, causing the minefield to detonate, does the Mech take damage?

4. Prone Mechs taking damage on the kick table from Minefields.
By this point I've wandered a bit afield, Sorry.
Minefields deal damage on the Kick table against mechs.  What if the Mech is prone?  or  Quad?  Should a different hit location table be used, or is better to just go with the abstraction?

5.  Did you know that if VTOL Battle armor uses a bomb rack on the top of a building, it bombs itself?  This is technically a Total Warfare item, but it came up as I was wading through the Area Effect rules of various flavors. It does seem a point where the "You can only make a bomb attack when 1 elevation above the level of the hex" rule for Battle Armor bombing attacks breaks down.

Anything you can help clarify will no doubt end up in a bug report on Megamek.  Which is where I usually start finding "Thats Odd/is it supposed to work that way" moments these days.
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Re: (Answered) Airburst Mech mortar vs VTOLs
« Reply #1 on: 13 August 2020, 17:03:13 »
1: Only units on the ground take damage.

2: Only units on the ground take damage.

3: Yes.  Mines are AE, therefore when they go off, everything gets hurt (bearing in mind answer #2).

4: Prone mechs take damage on the front chart.  Same for quads, for simplicity.

5: Won't be the first unit capable of damaging/killing itself.  A good reason to choose your targets carefully.
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