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Author Topic: (Answered) Ferro-Lamellor Armor - Tactical Operations vs Battlemech Manual  (Read 344 times)


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OK this is more of a question on rules between the two books, but while playing a game, my friend and I found out a discrepancy between the two books about the same equipment. It’s about ferro-laminal armor and hardened when struck by armor piercing or tandem charges

In tactical operations under both rules for both armors it says very clearly that when tandem charges or armor piercing rounds hit a location it does full damage instead of the reduced damage although it loses its crit Capability.

However in the battlemech manual makes no mention of this under any of the rules for what I just mentioned above.

Both armors reduce the crit capability of the weapons, But it no longer says that it takes full damage from either.

I have scoured the Errata and saw no change of this in tactical operations including in the update but I also see no mention of it in the errata  for the battle tech manual

This seems like an oversight, it would be hard for me to believe that both tandem charges and armor piercers would lose their ability to do full damage to the armors that reduce damage all around. It would honestly leave only one weapon in the entirety of the game capable of actually doing full damage to both of these armors, which I feel is a huge imbalance

Any insight on this question would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

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Re: Ferro-Lamellor Armor - Tactical operations vs Battlemech manual
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In the future please add page numbers to your post, per the sticky.  This was pushed down the queue because you had left them out.

TC Warheads aren't in the Battlemech Manual, so that's not a mistake but rather a deliberate omission.  The book doesn't reference things it doesn't deal with in that book, so as not to confuse the reader.

The BMM wording on AP ammo could definitely be clearer though: the TacOsp text is the correct one.  Errata will be issued.  Thanks.

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