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Author Topic: (Answered) Variable Speed Pulse Lasers Aerospace Targetting Mods  (Read 356 times)


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According to page 321 in Tactical Operations Variable Speed Pulse lasers recieve targetting mods based on range bracket based on weapons own performance. It does not however say how this works with aerospace brackets which are standardized.

With the table on page 406 only saying "Var" (Varies) on range mods, and that text the straight read would seem to be it is -3 on aerospace short, -2 for medium, which is the farthest any VSPL in space goes.

This however seems to go contrary to how damage works for aerospace which has short aerospace do generally medium range damage (According to the 406 page table). Or just a little more but less than short. Which would seem to imply but not state that it should use medium range mods for short range, and presumably long range mod for medium range

How do aerospace targetting modifiers for VSPLs actually work?
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Re: (Research) Variable Speed Pulse Lasers Aerospace Targetting Mods
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-3 at short, -1 at medium.

This will be errata.
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