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Author Topic: Arrow IV in AeroSpace Combat  (Read 381 times)

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Arrow IV in AeroSpace Combat
« on: 04 November 2022, 07:19:40 »
The Arrow IV system can be mounted on Fighters, Small Craft, and DropShips (TO:AUE, p.217).  Arrow IV can be used against ground units with its own special rules (TO:AR, p.148-149).  The stated ammo available for use is Standard (HE), and it is implied that Homing ammo can be used since it has its own paragraph.

1) Is there an exception to the rule that AeroSpace units may only carry standard ammo for the Arrow IV?  If so, what ammo types may it carry?  There are HE, Cluster, Homing, Illumination, Laser-Inhibiting, Inferno-IV, Smoke, FASCAM, and Davy Crockett-M (IO:AR, p.169).  In all the rules text for alternative ammo, only the FAM (IO:AE, p.159) and ADA (TO:AUE, p.165) specifically say that they may not be used by airborne units.

Arrow IVs may be used in space combat and that was confirmed in this old thread:'s/

In this thread it is mentioned that AeroSpace units may only use Standard (HE) ammo.  The question of damage and range was not answered, but using Arrow IVs in space is also talked about in Strategic Operations.  It says that Arrow IVs are to be treated as Capital Missiles when interacting with AMS (SO:AAR, p.85), and that they do 2 capital-scale damage with a chance for a Critical Hit on 11+ (SO:AAR, p.104). 

2) Are Arrow IV attacks from ASFs, Small Craft, and Large-Craft Bays treated the same as if firing a Long Tom Cannon, or do you treat them like a Capital Missile?  If they are treated as a Capital weapon, then they should be able to do a Bearings-Only launch, Preprogrammed Waypoints, and fire through atmosphere.

3) Do they do 2 capital-scale damage with a chance for a Critical Hit on 11+?  Both the damage and range are listed as "NA" in Tactical Operations (TO:AUE, p.216).  Should the damage in the brackets be changed to (20)?

4) What is the range for the Arrow IV on the Space Map?  The Air-to-Air Arrow missile (TO:AUE, p.169) is supposed to be the bomb-mounted version of an Arrow missile, and its range is listed as Medium-C (TO:AUE, p.226).

5) Since the Arrow IV may be mounted in Large-Craft Weapon Bays for DropShips, may it be mounted on JumpShips, WarShips, or Space Stations?