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Author Topic: Battle Armor Morale  (Read 307 times)


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Battle Armor Morale
« on: 26 November 2022, 18:37:35 »
If I'm reading pp.180 TOAR correctly, swarm-attacking suits would need to check their own morale only when they take losses? But all infantry would fail on a snake-eyes?

Vehicle crews count as "infantry" for reasons to roll? When does one lose a quarter, or a half, of a vehicle crew?

Armor cares if it takes fire from a Battlemech, but not other armor?

Between the lines, there is a suppression fire mechanic, one you could use with Thumper artillery, or gorillas with sonic stunners, or the bow small laser of a Patton tank, or the range-zero Bearhunter squad automatic?

I realize this is on the verge of being unfun, but I may have just coifed the old thing about Battlemechs being deemed essential … :-\
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