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Title: (Answered) TAG spotting for (Non-Homing) Artillery
Post by: RogueK on 25 June 2021, 10:15:47
The process of artillery spotting as described on page 149 of Tactical Operations Advanced Rules are very similar to that of TW/BMM indirect fire (Page 111 in Total Warfare 7th printing, and page 30 Battlemech Manual) including the penalties for the spotter making its own attacks while spotting.

However TAG as detailed in Total warfare Page 143, and BMM pages 31 and 114 (And in BMM it outright calls it indirect fire rather than LRM indirect fire specifically) can act as spotter for indirect fire for weapons using LRM indirect fire rules (LRMs, Mech Mortars, Artillery Cannons etc), at which point the spotter loses the penalties for launching other attacks. Would this work with TAG for normal non-homing artillery as well?

Rules As Written imply no, but it looks similar enough that I feel asking is warranted.
Title: Re: Can you use TAG to act as spotter for (Non-Homing) Artillery?
Post by: Paul on 26 June 2021, 09:18:53
No, it cannot.