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Author Topic: (Answered) Chain Whip BV  (Read 301 times)


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(Answered) Chain Whip BV
« on: 06 October 2020, 21:32:39 »
Chain whip BV is kind of confusing.

Page 101 of TacOps Advanced Units and Equipment states

"Against all unit types, the Chain Whip delivers its attack using the same rules as a BattleMech Sword (see pp. 146-147, TW), with the same to-hit modifiers, and basic Physical Attack rules. However, the whip's damage is not modified for the use of Triple-Strength Myomer, or the weight of the Attacker as the heavy chain and its myomer cable lack rigidity."

Page 216 lists its damage as "3"

Page 195 lists its BV as "(Dmg x 1.725)*"

The chart on page 195 doesn't have an explanation for that Asterisk, but the asterisk on page 197 states "The damage used to calculate the item's BV is based on the final damage the item can deal after all possible modifications (such as TSM) are applied." This seems to work well enough for the asterisk on page 195 as both are referencing melee weapons.

However, the chain whip's damage isn't modified by TSM according to 101. Page 216 lists it as a flat damage.

So if its a flat damage, why have a damage calculation, rather than a flat value like the flail does? And why put an asterisk next to it if it can't be modified by anything?

Page 101 does mention that TSM will modify the to-hit roll for some of the Chain Whip shenanigans in some cases, but this isn't a damage mod, so won't affect the damage for the Chain Whip and thus won't affect the BV...
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Re: (Research) Chain Whip BV
« Reply #1 on: 20 November 2020, 14:19:02 »
I don't think there's any reason to have the asterisk there.  The issue is that chain whip damage changed in the past (from a variable amount ot a fixed amount), and so it might have just been a mix-up based on that.

If you find any piece of equipment that can possibly change its damage, post it here.  Otherwise, assume that the asterisk is removed.
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