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Author Topic: (Research) Initiative and Satellite Imagers question  (Read 586 times)


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(Research) Initiative and Satellite Imagers question
« on: 03 June 2022, 14:49:14 »
So going back to this discussion, I'd like to make sure I'm reading everything right in a hypothetical scenario:

I'm building a force, and want to include a Schatten Surveillance Airship. The Schatten is equipped with 6 tons of Communications Equipment, 4 Infrared Imagers, 4 Hi-Res Imagers, and Look-Down Radar. Looking at the rules in TacOps AU&E pg 151, in order to gain any benefit from those sensors I need a ground unit with 4+ tons of Communications Equipment, the Schatten's own comm gear cannot be used for this. I choose to add a Tribune Mobile Tactical Command HQ(with 5 tons of comm gear, a Bloodhound Active Probe, and a Remote Sensor Dispenser) to my force.

During the game, my Tribune's comm gear is busy receiving and filtering data from all of those sensors, so it provides no initiative bonus. The sensors themselves provide a single +1 to initiative, with no stacking - the extra sensor suites are redundant for this purpose. The Schatten's own comm gear could provide a +1 to initiative, but cannot so long as the sensor link is functioning, because I'm not allowed to stack initiative bonuses. However, that comm suite can be used to monitor any remote sensors dropped by the Tribune. Between the Schatten's comm gear, the Tribune's Bloodhound Active Probe, and the single free ton of comm gear the Tribune gets for free by virtue of being a combat vehicle, I can monitor up to eleven remote sensors simultaneously

Between these two units, there is no way to gain more than a +1 to initiative at any one time.

In addition to the above benefits, the presence of so many imagers means that on the first turn off the game, my opponent must roll a staggering NINE pairs of dice for each hidden unit in their dice, and if any of those pairs come up 8+ that unit is revealed, with caveats for weather, terrain, and stealth gear.

Did I read all this correctly? I think I've got it all right, though the only thing I'm not 100% certain on is whether or not the Schatten can be considered part of the ground force. Assuming it is at least on the same Low-Altitude mapsheet as the ground battle(and thus at risk of attack from local air assets and possibly AA fire if it flies very close), is it instead possible for the airship to perform its own linking and processing of the Imagers?
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