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Author Topic: Damaged Critical Slots  (Read 1502 times)


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Damaged Critical Slots
« on: 11 May 2011, 12:03:02 »
1) A weapon does a 7 point group of damage... say it hit internally.
2) Roll 1 time to determine # of crits at +1 mod... say 1 critical hit.
3) Roll where the crit landed... say it hit a previously undamaged weapon slot.
4) At the end of the phase roll critical effect.

Do you mark the critical slot as damaged in step 3, or only as a result of effects in step 4?
If in step 3, why do the effect tables on p75-76 start at 2 instead of 3?
If in step 4, that makes rolling a 2-3 on the effect table effectively not a crit at all.

On the effects table, you "mark off... critical slot(s) on the weapon" on a roll of 10-12.  Is this marking it as destroyed or damaged?
If only damaged, why bother to specify the top most slot available and what would the difference be between rolling a 10 or 12 (besides a Gauss Rifle or other weapon that explodes when destoyed)?

I assume destroyed (as opposed to damaged) slots act as under standard rules and cannot be selected again as a crit, correct?  Or, when using these tables, is there even such a thing as a destroyed weapon critical slot (when others slots of the same weapon are undamaged)?