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Author Topic: (Answered) Environmental sealing and underwater movement  (Read 981 times)


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TW p52 notes that Industrialmechs with environmental sealing (and the appropriate powerplant) can submerge in water and use Walk MP.

Combat vehicle chassis modification 'Environmental (Vacuum) Sealing', TO: AU&E p114/115, seems primarily to relate to vacuum and toxic atmospheres.

The Support Vehicle Chassis Modifications Table on p122 TM states there are no restrictions for 'Environmental Sealing' based upon motive type. TM p123 states support vehicles with Environmental Sealing can operate underwater.

TRO 3085 p191 mentions a sealed Rommel with SRT's that can operate underwater. RS 3085 OitNN p51 details an Ajax variant in a similar vein with environmental sealing and SRT's. Assuming these are Combat Vehicles and not Support Vehicles:

1) Can tracked combat vehicles such as the sealed Ajax and Rommel enter depth 1 and/or depth 2+ water and expend ground MP to move along riverbeds or the sea bottom? Should the movement chart in TW include combat vehicles in the footnote about Industrialmechs?

2) Are the Ajax and Rommel mentioned considered to have the 'Combat vehicle chassis modification Environmental (Vacuum) Sealing'? Should this chassis modification have additional wording related to underwater environments?

3) Is the Support vehicle chassis modification intended to be function differently from the combat vehicle version, such that only tracked/wheeled Support Vehicles can move underwater (as opposed to combat vehicles)?
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Re: Environmental sealing and underwater movement
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1: Yes.  No TW note though, because sealed vees are not TW-legal.

2: Yes. And TO's Environmental Sealing will be slightly reworded to make clear it applies to underwater units as well.

3: No.
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Re: (Answered) Environmental sealing and underwater movement
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Thanks for the response  :)