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Author Topic: Fog, Lighting, and Ice: Careful Movement  (Read 319 times)


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Fog, Lighting, and Ice: Careful Movement
« on: 08 January 2023, 21:30:08 »
TO:AR Corrected 6th printing

Careful Movement, last paragraph, right column p61
The MP Cost Per Hex modifier from ice is cumulative with other
such modifiers as normal. However, if both fog and light conditions
are present, apply a maximum MP Cost modifier of +3 from
these two elements, as visibility can only be restricted so much.

Ice, p32 +1MP
Fog, p34 +1/+2MP (Light or heavy fog)
Lighting, +1/+2/+3MP (Full moon, moonless, pitch black)

First, does the visibility limitation for the +3 modifier only apply when also using an Ice hex (and possibly Black Ice) or would this apply to any situation where the fog and lighting modifiers are higher than three, such as heavy fog on a moonless night (+4MP)?

Second, when both fog and lighting are involved, does the modifier get capped at ONLY the fog and lighting or would it be capped by the entire MP modifier? ie Ice, light fog, on a moonless night (+1, +1, +2, cap at +3 instead of +4).