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Author Topic: Jump-Capable Units with Naval Repair Facilities Jumping with Non-KF-Boom Units?  (Read 349 times)

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In what will undoubtedly be the Feel-Good-Question of the Day amongst the Devs, I have a question regarding page 335 of Tactical Operations - original PDF edition, not the fancy new ones, but this isn't covered by errata.

Originally, the rules for Standard Repair Facilities on page 335 read as follows:

Standard Naval Repair Facilities may accommodate up to 1 JumpShip, Space Station or WarShip; 2 DropShips; or any number of satellites, Small Craft or fighters (so long as the total weight of the stored unit(s) does not exceed the repair bay’s maximum rated capacity in tons).

Errata has since indicated that the following unit types cannot be carried in a Naval Repair Facility:  Satellites, Small Craft, and Fighters (presumably both Aerospace and Conventional).

Further down in the third paragraph, they read:

Furthermore, a JumpShip or WarShip may not jump when its repair facilities contain other vessels that possess a K-F drive core (even one that is damaged). If a repair facilities-equipped JumpShip attempts to do so (or the vessels docked within said facilities attempt to do so), both vessels are automatically destroyed. JumpShips or WarShips with repair facilities may jump while the facilities contain non-jump capable vessels, however, as these systems incorporate K-F drive booms.

To clarifiy, are the "these systems" that "incorporate K-F drive booms" the repair facility itself, such that a JumpShip or WarShip equipped with such a repair facility can jump while carrying a non-KF-equipped Space Station or DropShip in such a bay?  Alternatively, are "these systems" the connection points for KF booms, and as such, any DropShip or Space Station must itself be equipped with a KF boom, with the latter presumably covered under the "Space Station K-F Adapter" rules on page 105 of Interstellar Operations?

On a related note to the carrying of Space Stations not equipped with K-F-boom equipment under the Interstellar Operations rules, are Naval Repair Facilities capable of carrying Primtive DropShips that lack K-F booms, ie. DropShuttles?  If so, are they similarly limited to 5000-ton Primitive DropShips the same way DropShuttle Bays are, or are they permitted to carry units that are individually in excess of 5000 tons?

Thank you in advance, and sorry for the additional headaches.
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