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Author Topic: Low-Gravity and Infantry (Battle Armor) Movement  (Read 276 times)


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Low-Gravity and Infantry (Battle Armor) Movement
« on: 02 October 2021, 13:43:06 »
So I haven't played with Battle Armor in any context since last millennium, but with the delivery of Kickstarter stuff I've been getting back into some more elaborate situations.

We're going to be playing on the moon, so 0.166 G, and every unit's MP is multiplied by 6. So far, so good. Now with 'Mechs and vehicles there are specific risks when exceeding their normal possible MP. Protomechs simply don't get to use any of the extra MP, so there's no issue for them. If I'm reading correctly, then by RAW Infantry of all sorts--including Battle Armor--should get to zip around at ridiculous speeds with no risk at all. It seems to me like they would and should fit pretty readily into the same category as Protomechs, but I figured I'd bring it here in case I was missing something. Is infantry the secret MVP of low-grav engagements?

The rules reference is TO:AR 53.
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