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Author Topic: Modular Armor and Breach Checks  (Read 132 times)


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Modular Armor and Breach Checks
« on: 07 August 2022, 12:35:28 »
I am about to test an underwater base attack map I've been working on for MegaMek and I was picking some interesting mechs to see what happens.

One of the choices I wanted to try was some mechs with modular armor. [Modular Armor TO:AUE pg 93]  Which then made something occur to me.  If a section with modular armor takes a hit while underwater (or in vacuum) [Underwater combat TW pg 109; TO:AR pg 193] does it cause a breach check?  On one hand it could cause a flood, on the other hand if this is just armor stacked on top of the regular armor there is an argument that the modular armor should prevent breaches since the mech's actual armor and sealing is still intact.

So do you have to burn through modular armor armor to cause breach checks?
I guess in a related question would the harjel repair systems be-able to repair modular armor attached to a mech?

Also I was able to find a Grim Reaper mech with both modular armor and the poor sealing quirk.  I'm taking it under the sea cause I'm sure it will be hilarious, but it does raise the question if modular armor blocks breach checks does the poor sealing quirk override that functionality? 

So to clean up and make an easy list
1:  Does Modular armor in a location allow ignoring of breach checks while the modular armor exists? 
2:  Does Harjel self repair systems repair Modular armor in the same location? 
3:  If Modular armor does prevent breach checks in a location how does the poor sealing quirk interact?

Thank you