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Author Topic: MP modification order for gravity, atmospheric pressure and mobility damage  (Read 953 times)


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Kind of a rare case, but it's managed to come up.

Per TacOps page 55, High/Low gravity applies a multiplier to a unit's walk/cruise MP.
Per TacOps page 54, high atmospheric pressure applies a +1 modifier to a hovercraft's cruise MP.
Per Total Warfare page 193, motive system damage may apply a -1 or 1/2 modifier to a tank's cruise MP.

The question is, in which order should these modifiers be applied? Multiplication and addition are not commutative, so the order does matter, as illustrated in the following example:

Let's take a Pegasus hovercraft, driving around on a 1.5G planet with high atmospheric pressure. It's taken 7 points of MP damage, so let's calculate the resulting walk MP.

Possibility 1:
8MP normally. Apply motive damage (down to 1MP). Apply high atmo modifier (up to 2 MP). Apply gravity: 2 / 1.5 = 1.3, which rounds down to 1. Slow, but still mobile.

Possibility 2:
8 MP normally. Apply gravity: 8 / 1.5 = 5.6, which rounds up to 6. Apply motive damage (-7) to bring it to -1, thick atmo to bring it to 0, leaving it immobilized.

So, the question is, in which order should these modifiers apply?

Bonus question: order for the trailer modifier, which can potentially apply a .5 multiplier to cruise MP (p. 205 Total Warfare) and Hydrofoil equipment (TechManual, p. 123), which applies a 1.25 multiplier to cruise MP.