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Author Topic: (Answered) Remote Controlled and Drone Mechs  (Read 3192 times)


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(Answered) Remote Controlled and Drone Mechs
« on: 03 March 2015, 21:08:14 »

I hope this thread is okay to ask these.

The rules for Drone Remote Controlled units (TO:page 306) says that the Drone Operating System weighs 10% of the unit and takes 1 critical slot located in the body. I presume on a mech this is one of the Torso locations? Answered elsewhere. Record sheets say head or torso so that's answered. Not clear about vehicles though.

The rules also say that there is an additional half ton Remote Sensor System. Does that system also take a critical slot? Answered elsewhere. They're combined with the Drone Operating System.

The Rules for Drone Remote Controlled Units say the crew is reduced to Zero. But it doesn't say what happens to the cockpit. Smart Robotic Control Systems (ISP:125) also reduce the crew to zero but they and the more advanced versions replace the cockpit. My big question is, can the Remote, and the Robot controlled Mechs still be piloted? The Remote Drone seems to still have it's cockpit and a Command Console could be added to the Robot. Right?

I ask because I was wondering if the systems could be used to recover mechs, and other units,  with wounded or killed pilots/crew so they're not captured. Or retrieve units that are stolen. Also so the commander could direct the battle while the robot/drone operator pilots but take control when the drone/robot encounters ECM? Since warships still have crews and can turn off the robot system to pilot the ships themselves it makes me think smaller units like mechs/tanks could do the same. Can they?

If they can, does the rule not allowing torso cockpits and other cockpits being combined still apply? Like can I have a robot in the head cockpit with a pilot/commander in the torso cockpit?

Thank you.
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Re: (Research) Remote Controlled and Drone Mechs
« Reply #1 on: 22 May 2015, 09:53:56 »
The UBM-2R Revenant in TR3145 Clans p. 31 mounts the DOS in the Head.

No extra slot is need by the sensor system. It effectively just added to the weight, so 10% of unit tonnage + 0.5 tons.

Standard Drones: No they can't be piloted.

Crews can and do stay on a Drone WarShip when it jumps. They just don't have have to stay on board.

The rules against mixing a torso-mounted cockpit with another type of cockpit still apply.
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Re: (Answered) Remote Controlled and Drone Mechs
« Reply #2 on: 22 May 2015, 15:57:50 »

Cool thanks.

Can other vehicles besides Warships be drones and still have a crew?

Thanks :)