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Author Topic: (Answered) Advanced Infantry Construction Unit Type Modifiers  (Read 1323 times)


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Hello everyone. I decided to join this fine forum, and what better way to do so than with something that's been confusing me ever since I've stumbled upon it.

I decided to tinker with Conventional Infantry construction when I compared the BV calculations from the TechManual and TacOps. Of course the ones from TacOps are expanded to include armor, camo field guns and what have you.

But then, as the final step, you multiply what would've been the old TechManual BV with a new Unit Type Modifier (TacOps p. 379). Motorized Infantry for example has one of 0.8 (TacOps p. 381), so unless you actually use any of the new TacOps toys, your Motorized Infantry platoon will now be 20% cheaper than it was in the TechManual days. A Foot platoon with the same loadout would just be a few BVs cheaper, since Foot Infantry has a modifier of 1.0.

I've even taken a look at the code of MegaMek, where the Unit Type Modifier appears to be nonexistant.

So here are my questions:

1) Do the calculation from TacOps replace the one from TechManual? Where Motorized and Mechanized Infantry overpriced before (though that's kinda hard to see with Motorized, since apart form more weight they're a just faster Foot Infantry)?

2) If both are valid, when do you use which? Is TechManual still used for vanilla Platoons, and you're supposed to switch to TacOps as soon as you want to add armor and camo and all that? If so, why is more Armor making Motorized Infantry cheaper?
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Re: (Research) Advanced Infantry Construction Unit Type Modifiers
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That's an oddball that took a while to work out.

We're deleting the two top lines: the infantry entries.  There will be no special infantry mods from TO, at least as far as the basic unity type mods are concerned.
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