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Author Topic: (Answered) TAG/Guided Munitions and BV  (Read 1076 times)


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(Answered) TAG/Guided Munitions and BV
« on: 02 January 2022, 15:22:11 »
Question about calculating the BV cost of a force that included TAG and Guided Munitions.

Page 198 TacOps AU&E

When used in conjunction with TAG, certain equipment will increase the base Battle Value of units in a battle force. If any unit is the battle force is equipped with TAG, Light TAG, or a C3 Master Computer, add BV equal to the BV (as listed in the Equipment BV Tables) for each ton Arrow IV Homing artillery missiles, Copperhead Artillery ammuni- tion, Semi-guided LRM ammunition, or Semi-guided Mortar ammunition.


Which of the below methods is the correct was to calculate the BV for the force:

You have 2 Pegasus Hovercraft each with TAG and two catapult CPT-3C’s each leaded with 1 ton of Arrow IV Homing Missiles. 1 Ton of Arrow IV Guided Ammo costs 30 BV (pg 195 TO-AU&E)

METHOD 1 - BV is added to units carrying Guided Munitions

You add 30 BV to the cost of each Catapult as they are carrying 1 ton of Arrow IV Homing ammo for a total cost increase to the force of 60 BV.

METHOD 2 - BV is added to units with TAG

A the force has 2 tons of Arrow IV Homing missiles you add 60BV (2x30) to each unit which has TAG.  Each of the two Pegasus Hover Tanks gets a +60 BV to its cost for a total force increase of 120 BV.
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Re: (Research) TAG/Guided Munitions and BV
« Reply #1 on: 18 January 2022, 15:33:26 »
BV is added to units with TAG. The Ammo BV is also added per piece of TAG capable equipment. So a unit that has two TAG-capable pieces of equipment, you have to apply the ammo BV twice.
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Re: (Answered) TAG/Guided Munitions and BV
« Reply #2 on: 19 January 2022, 03:40:07 »
Thanks you to the rules committee for getting an answer on this.  Running a 3075 event soon and this was confusing people, especially as some design forces using MegaMek!  Much appreciated!!!! :)