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Author Topic: (Answered) Simultaneous movement -- handling attempts to stand  (Read 1043 times)


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We're trying out the simultaneous movement rules (corrected fourth printing, pgs. 183-184) for the first time. (My early impression of the rule is favorable.) How to handle attempts by a prone mech to stand seems unclear, as determining the mech's movement involves at least one roll of the dice. According to the rules, the player involved resolves the Piloting Skill Roll since this is neither a slip nor a skid. We've handled it by having the player roll while plotting the mech's movement. However, this gives information -- that the mech is attempting to stand -- to the other side. Did we miss something in the rules or is there a different way to handle this? For example, I could see having the player plot multiple moves based on the success or failure of the roll(s) to stand and then make the roll when all the mechs' moves are resolved. However, this might get unwieldy with a fast mech that could conceivably make multiple attempts to stand in one turn.
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Re: (Research) Simultaneous movement -- handling attempts to stand
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If the PSR succeeds, resolve movement as normal.

If it fails, resolve the fall immediately, and either end movement, or attempt another stand.  If this succeeds, complete the plotted movement to the extent possible with the remaining MP.

Every time the PSR fails, the player has a new opportunity to immediately end movement.
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