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Author Topic: (Research) Specialized Infantry Squad Sizes  (Read 263 times)


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(Research) Specialized Infantry Squad Sizes
« on: 17 August 2021, 18:01:59 »

I hope this is the right place. I have some Infantry questions, mostly concerning Squad Sizes. While, this does mostly concern infantry in TacOps it does involve ATOW: Companion too. I hope that's okay.

Beast Mounted Infantry
The table on page 106 gives max platoon size but what is the  squad size? I'm guessing for Large Animal Platoons would be
3 Squads of 7 Troopers/7 Animals for IS Platoons and 3 squads of 5 troopers/5 Animals for Clan Platoons.
Monstrous Platoons would be 1 squad of 4 troopers/1 animal for both IS and Clan.
I'm also guessing the larger animals from ATOW Companion page 135 can't be split into squads because the entire platoon rides 1 animal.

Am I on the right track with these sizes of off the rails? Also I'm stuck with Very Large Animal Platoons. I want to guess squads of 4 troopers/2 animals but that comes out to 3.5 squads at Max Platoon size. Is 7 Animals right?

Also would 2 squads of 5 troopers/3 animals (1 trooper rides alone) for the Clans be right, and Legal?

Specialized Infantry
Would Clan Platoons continue to have 5 trooper squads? Clan Space Marines would seem to indicate so but I'd like to be sure. :)

Xenoplanetary Condition-Trained Troops pages 162-163.
Can beast mounted infantry be Xenoplanetary trained?

Thanks. :)

Would Comstar/WoB continue to use 6 trooper squads and would Periphery States with 10 trooper squads continue to have 10 trooper squads, where possible?

Comstar Horse mounted Platoon be 3 squads of 6 troopers/6 horses for 18 troopers total?
Taurian Horse mounted Platoon be 2 squads of 10 troopers/10 horses for 20 troopers total?
Comstar Firefighter Engineer Platoon be 2 squads of 6 for 12 troopers total?

Thanks :)

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