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Author Topic: (Answered) VTOL Jet Booster - Availability Dates  (Read 1780 times)


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(Answered) VTOL Jet Booster - Availability Dates
« on: 24 May 2011, 06:34:24 »
The detailed description of Jet Boosters on p.350 begins with an introduction date of '3009 (Federated Suns)', with no reference to the Clans at all. However, the Tech Base (Ratings) field shows Jet Boosters are in fact available to the Clans.

The equipment table on p.411 shows the introduction date for Jet Boosters as '3009 / ES', which is even more confusing. If the Clans have had this technology since the Early Spaceflight era, it plainly must have been available during the Star League. If this is the case, in order for the Inner Sphere to have an introduction date of 3009 they must have lost the technology at some point and recovered it in 3009, but no mention of this is given anywhere.

Introduced: Early Spaceflight
Extinct:       (Inner Sphere, date unknown)
Recovered: 3009 (Federated Suns)

It seems to me that either we are missing an extinction date for the Inner Sphere, or the Clan introduction date is incorrect. Does anyone know what the correct information is, so an errata report can be filed?

Mod note: answered in latest errata
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