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Author Topic: TAG Troops  (Read 1155 times)


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TAG Troops
« on: 21 December 2017, 14:52:16 »
TacOps Errata v3.6 (full), page 65 has the following sentence under the entry for TAG Troops:

"TAG Troops: TAG Troops are specialists who replace a platoon’s ordinary support weapons troopers with TAG. TAG troops may conduct TAG “attacks” (see p. 142, TW), in addition to normal weapons attacks. TAG troops have a range of 9 hexes for the TAG, regardless of what other weapons the platoon is armed with (the TAG does not determine a platoon’s range)."

Just to verify, this means TAG troops have 9/18/27 range (for the TAG alone), correct?  I base this on how infantry weapon range is depicted in the Tech Manual table (which is to say, the value provided is their short range band).  If 9 is intended to be the long range, I would expect the range listed to be "3".

Also, the wording is vague as to whether the ability to make a TAG "attack" requires one or two support weapon troopers.  As written, it appears a single TAG trooper per squad is enough.  Is it?