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Author Topic: Target aquistion gear (exspanded ) . in newprinting ?  (Read 628 times)

Col Toda

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Target aquistion gear (exspanded ) . in newprinting ?
« on: 28 December 2020, 16:49:26 »
Just got the new printing two books instead of one . Huge possible change due to less than clear word choices . Pg 198 .

The way it seems worded if any TAG system is present at all add up the BV of each ton of the guided ammo to the Battle Force number . That is clear : but what is not is if multiple TAG units are in the same force : does each TAG unit add to the force ? Or since you can only fire a single ton of ammo only once the BV to the force is just a flat count all guided ammo BV the once more ?

The next paragraph is C3 and it had no problem clearly stating +5 percent of all units in the in the network . The first is way less clear than the second .