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Author Topic: Transporting Advanced Infantry Types  (Read 284 times)


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Transporting Advanced Infantry Types
« on: 25 August 2022, 04:26:32 »
What would be the weight transport bays for Advanced Infantry Types found in TO:AU&E and AToW Companion.

TO:AU&E pg 255
Beast-Mounted Infantry pg 106-108
Disposable Weapons pg 216
Field Guns/Field Artillery pg 222-223
Infantry Armor pg 229-230
Mechanized VTOL (Microlite/Micro-copter) Infantry pg 136
Specialized Infantry pg 152-153
Xenoplanetary Condition-Trained Troops pg 162-163

AToW Companion
Beast Mounted Infantry pg 133-135
K9 Infantry pg 135
Infantry Armor  pg 171/195

Total Warfare
Infantry Carriers pg 223

Transport weights pg 239
Infantry Weights pg 155

Based on the rules I think I know how I'd handle some of these things but I'm not 100% sure on others. Plus what I think could be totally off so it'd be nice to be sure.

Would this be the right way to determine the weight of the Infantry Bays for these Infantry types?

1) Disposable Weapons, Infantry Armor, Specialized Infantry, Xenoplanetary Condition-Trained Troops all use bays depending on their motive type.

A Motorized Combat Engineers use the Motorized Infantry Bay. No change. 7 ton Bay

2) Field Guns/Field Artillery add the weight of the weapons plus ammo to their respective Infantry Bays.

A Clan Arrow IV Field Artillery Platoon would start with the Mechanized Tracked Infantry Bay then add the Arrow IV and ammo.  8+(24+2) = 34 ton Bay

3a) Mechanized VTOL (Microlite/Micro-copter) Infantry
They're called Mechanized Infantry but TO says they're really more Motorized Infantry. For transport purposes, are they classed as motorized or mechanized?
Can they be deployed from a Karnov VTOL or would they need a King Karnov?

3b) What type of Infantry Bay would Mechanized VTOL Infantry use?  Would they use the existing Motorized or Mechanized Infantry Bays or would they have a bay type of their own?

A Motorized Infantry Platoon Bay weighs 7 tons for 30 troopers
A Hover, Tracked, and Mechanized Infantry Bays weigh 8 tons for 7 troopers.
A Microlite Infantry Squad weighs 3 tons for 2 troopers.
A Micro-Copter Infantry Squad weighs 8 tons for 4 troopers.

I think a distinct bay for the Microlite Platoon and the Micro-Copter Platoon might be easier.

4a) Beast-Mounted Infantry
When transported in a cargo bay is their transport weight calculated by just the total weight of the platoon, or the weight of the troopers plus the weight of the animals as livestock?

Horse Infantry Platoon with 21 horses has a weight of 14.7 tons. Would it need a 15 ton cargo compartment or a 17.5 ton cargo compartment (4.5 tons for the Troopers + 13 tons for the livestock)?

4b) For long term transport, such as traveling to another planet, how much would the Infantry Bay weight? Just add the weight of the animals to presumably a Foot Infantry Bay or combine an Infantry Bay with a Livestock Compartment, or would Beast Mounted Infantry have bay types of their own?

A 5 ton Foot Infantry Bay plus 10.5 tons for the Horses for a total of 15,5 tons A combined Foot Infantry Bay and livestock compartment for a total of 18 tons, A Large Beast Mounted Infantry Bay weighing X tons?

4c) For transportation and deployment purposes at what point is a Beast Mounted Infantry Platoon too big, even broken into squads, to be deployed from vehicles 100 tons or less?

5) K9 Infantry
Like Beast Mounted Infantry would the animals need a separate livestock compartment when traveling? They just replace secondary weapons so just treating them as a Foot Infantry Platoon makes sense. However, that's up to 8 animals that need to breath, drink, eat, and other things. Adding the weight of a livestock compartment to the Infantry Bay might be a good idea.

Thanks. I know its a lot but I do appreciate your finding the answers. Maybe the Transport rules and Bays from TW and TM need an expansion in TO to cover these things?   ???