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Author Topic: (Answered) Heat generation: UMUs and XXL engines  (Read 1281 times)


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(Answered) Heat generation: UMUs and XXL engines
« on: 07 February 2016, 09:43:00 »
If a 'mech has UMUs and an XXL engine, how much heat should be generated?

TO pg 295 says this about UMUs:
Quote from: TO pg 295
However, UMUs generate only 1 heat point per turn total, regardless of the number of UMU MPs used.

TO pg 309 then says this about XXL engines:
Quote from: TO pg 309
In game play, XXL fusion engines run hotter than their other fusion equivalents. Standing still (or expending no Thrust) generates 2 heat
points per turn, Walking/Safe Thrust movement generates 4 heat points, and Running/Max Thrust movement generates 6 heat points. Heat generated
per hex jumped is doubled for XXL engine users, with a minimum of 6 points per jump.

It would seem that, according to what is currently written, that a 'mech using UMUs with an XXL engine would only generate 1 heat point, however since this is less than the XXL engine standing heat it seems odd.
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Re: (Research) Heat generation: UMUs and XXL engines
« Reply #1 on: 02 March 2016, 21:08:00 »
Use the heat for the walking/safe thrust movement, which is 4, analogous to the normal walking heat level that UMUs emulate.
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