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Author Topic: (Answered) Underwater building breach check condition conflict  (Read 992 times)


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Looking for a clarification on what is the exact condition that triggers a breach check when an underwater building takes damage.

First printing (PDF version)

P. 140 (pdf page# 142), SUbSURFACE/UNDERWATER STRUCTURES, Game Play, 4th bullet:
Except for Castles Brian, all subsurface buildings that suffer
10 points of damage or more (in any phase) must check for
a breach as though they were an environmentally sealed
structure, whether or not they actually feature environmen-
tal sealing. This breach check uses the Sealed Building Breach
Table (see Environmental Sealing, p. 136).
I take this to mean "a total of 10 or more damage to CF in a phase".

p. 136 (pdf page# 138), ENVIRONMENTAL SEALING, 2nd paragraph:
Whenever a sealed building suffers CF damage in excess of 10
points (per hit), a 2D6 roll must be made, modified as noted on
the Sealed Building Breach Table below. ...
I take this to mean "per hit of MORE THAN 10 damage to CF, every time".

These conditions seem to be contradictory, and if the latter were correct, it would render underwater buildings virtually indestructible, as the only way to inflict >10 damage is certain energy weapons, perhaps a TSM-enhanced physical attack, etc. 

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Re: (Research) Underwater building breach check condition conflict
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Go with the p. 140 wording (10+, not 11+).  Errata will be added to clarify.  Thanks.
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