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Author Topic: (Research) To-hit modifiers of certain TO 'Mech-sized melee weapons?  (Read 561 times)


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The guys from the "Alpha Strike - We Play!" YouTube channel noted in their latest video that TO gives two different values of the to-hit modifier of a 'Mech-sized maces in the Advanced Weapons and Equipment chapter (TO, TO:AUE - page numbers near the end of this post) and in the Physical Weapon Attacks Addendum tables (TO, TO: AR). I've taken a look at my copies of TO rulebook (Second Printing physical book), TO:AR (PDF), TO:AUE (PDF) and my BMM (third printing PDF), and it turns out that not only the mace is not the only 'Mech melee weapon with this kind of problem, but the BattleMech Melee Weapons section of Heavy Weapons and Equipment table and BMM (both Physical Weapon Attack Tables and Physical Weapons section of the Weapons and Equipment chapter) give numbers that don't match the rules I've mentioned in the previous sentence.

Specifically the miss-matched to-hit numbers are:

Chain Whip -2 (note no asterisk)/-2 (no asterisk)/the same to-hit modifier as a Sword for an initial attack (-2), and a possible second roll to grapple or pull the target off-balance which may get their own modifiers if the attacker has active TSM and/or outweighs the defender/-2*/no entry for this weapon in BMM,
- Claws +1/+1/like a punching attack with an extra +1/0/+1,
- Flail 0/+1/like a hatchet with an extra +1 (which would give it a total of 0, because hatchets usually have a -1 modifier)/0/0,
- Lance +1/+1/like a hatchet with an extra +2 (for a total of +1)/+1/0,
- Mace +1/+2/like a Physical Weapon Attack with a +1 (I guess for a total of 0 or +1, depending on whether we consider a -1 that Hatchets and trees-as-clubs get to be a "standard" modifier for Physical Weapon Attacks)/+1/+1,

- the first value is from Physical Weapon Attacks Addendum table (pp. 89, TO, 87 TO:AR),
- the second value is from Physical Weapon Attacks Addendum table reprint at the end of the book (pp. 421 TO, 211 TO:AR),
- the third value is from Advanced Weapons and Equipment section (pp. 289-290 TO, 101-102 TO:AUE),
- the fourth value is from BattleMech Melee Weapons section of Heavy Weapons and Equipment table (pp. 404 TO, 216 TO:AUE),
- the fifth value is from BMM (pp. 38, 108-109, 137 BMM - fortunately the rules in BMM seem to be internally consistent).

So which numbers are correct, and which rules need errata?
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