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Author Topic: (Answered) Double-Blind Spotting Rules Problems  (Read 1216 times)


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(Answered) Double-Blind Spotting Rules Problems
« on: 19 October 2020, 08:04:34 »
Visual Spotting

1. The asterisk and dagger footnotes in the Visual Range Tables on p. 221 TO (p. 189 TO: AR) say to use the Ground BattleMech/Vehicle for Aerospace units that are grounded or at Altitude 1 (NOE), except for Large Craft, which I would assume use Large Craft column instead. But what about Large Craft flying at higher altitudes? Do they use still Large Craft column or the Aerospace column?

2. Also, just to make sure that I understand the Visual Spotting rules correctly - it is the type of the spotting unit, not the unit being spotted, that determines which column in the Visual Range Tables should be used?

Sensor Spotting

There seem to be two problems with the Sensor Range Tables on p. 222 TO (p. 190 TO: AR) and the surrounding rules on the same page:

3. I suspect that the 'Mech Radar/Support Vehicle Basic Fire Control IR line should be marked with a dagger footnote (unless Support Vehicle Basic Fire Control IR does not follow the rules explained in the Infrared Sensors section on the same page for some reason). Should I report this in the errata section?

4. The text in the Magscan Sensors section says that "If magscan sensors are being used, any unit (except conventional foot and jump infantry) within range is spotted regardless of LOS, unless a building blocks LOS, unless a hill or building blocks LOS, in which case the sensor cannot detect the target unit. It can detect a unit through any number of woods/jungle hexes." Aside from the fact that the bit about building blocking LOS seems unnecessarily repeated (probably a straightup errata), this whole section seems to contradict the bottom Sensor Range Table, which treats any buildings other than Castle Brians just like Woods/Jungle hexes. The way I see it, the table and the text quoted above can't be correct at the same time, so which one is wrong?

Also a bit of a term definition problem:

5. The rules don't define explicitly when a unit is considered "hot" for the purposes of IR scanners (p. 222 TO / p. 190 TO: AR), but they imply that the condition applies only to heat tracking units (automatically making them useless against Vehicles, Conventional Fighters, and even Large Craft etc.). As for the heat tracking units, are they considered "hot" only when its heat is above 0 after applying the effect of its heat sinks (seems implied considering that the IR sensors work better if they are used to detect a unit that are high enough on their heat scale to suffer movement penalties), or is it sufficient that they just generate heat in a current (previous?) turn (for example by moving), even if they stay at 0 on their heat scales?
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Re: (Research) Double-Blind Spotting Rules Problems
« Reply #1 on: 01 December 2022, 19:18:00 »
1. Yes.

2. Yes.

For the others, the most recent TO:AR errata doc has fixes intended to address the situation.  Please let me know if that doesn't work.
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