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Author Topic: (Answered) Aerospace Fighter Mounted Heavy Gauss Rifles  (Read 1885 times)


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I created an Lyran Aerospace fighter awhile back that mounts a HGR in the nose and in each wing. After I posted it someone told me that HGR could only be mounted in the nose. I found where it says that in AT2r but I couldn't find anything in TechManual about it. All it says is that they can only be mounted in the arms and torsos on 'Mechs, and only on the front and rear of vehicles. I've also looked in the 2.0 TechManual Errata and didn't find anything. So is this also true under Total Warfare or was that just something from AT2r?
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Re: Aerospace Fighter Mounted Heavy Gauss Rifles
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Sounds like we need errata on that. Heavy Gauss can only be mounted in the nose or the tail but not the wings. Please post a link to this in the TM Errata thread.

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