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Author Topic: (Answered) Active Probes and ECM on Aerospace Units  (Read 2050 times)


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(Answered) Active Probes and ECM on Aerospace Units
« on: 18 July 2016, 12:35:06 »
TM pg 196:
Remember that only weapon items need to be tracked on aerospace units. Core components, including structure, engines, heat sinks and control systems, as well as ammunition, do not occupy weapon
slots on an aerospace unit’s design. For ease of reference, items on the Weapons and Equipment Tables (beginning on p. 341) note whether or not they require any aerospace weapon slot space under the Weapon Slots column.

Meanwhile on the tables on pg 342 and 343 it lists the various ECM and Active Probes as taking up weapon slots on both fighters and Small Craft. Since these are not weapons, and unlike TAG, NARC, or AMS, don't have any obvious reason to need specific fire arcs, I am wondering if this is an oversight or not. If not it would mean, on the small craft specifically, that active probes and ECMs would play into fire control system costs as well as of both fighters and small craft, using up weapon space.

This regards beagle AP, clan AP and light AP, Guardian ECM, clan ECM, in TM, and the bloodhound AP and Angel ECM from TO as well.


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Re: (Research) Active Probes and ECM on Aerospace Units
« Reply #1 on: 30 July 2016, 13:48:14 »
The statement on p. 196 is in error.  I'll add it to the errata.
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