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Author Topic: (Answered) Inner Sphere Double HS mixed with Clan Double HS on an Omnimech  (Read 2320 times)


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I have a nice Nova Cat in a campaign that's taken damage, and unfortunately some of the expensive Clan DHS are done for.

Now, I have some much cheaper IS DHS that I have lying around. Would I be breaking any rules if I mixed IS DHS omnipods with Clan DHS omnipods. I know it says all mechs must use "the same type of heat sink"(pg 54, TechManual) so does that go for simply DHS and single heatsinks, or Clan and IS DHS as well?

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Inner Sphere Double Heatsinks mixed with Clan Double Heatsinks on an Omnimech
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Clan and IS Double Heat sinks are considered 2 different types of Heat Sinks.
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