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Author Topic: (Answered) Ammunition slots on combat vehicles  (Read 1146 times)


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(Answered) Ammunition slots on combat vehicles
« on: 24 August 2020, 21:09:26 »
So TechManual (page 107) states

"Each ammo bin occupies one item slot, but may be of any weight desired, so long as the ammunition is devoted to one or more of the vehicle’s weapons of the same type (for example, a vehicle with 3 Autocannon/5s may store all AC/5 ammunition in a single bin of any size). All ammunition is presumed to have a Body location."

So 5 tons of basic AC5 ammo is a single slot.

But what if you have special or alternate ammo? What if you have a MML5 with 1 ton of LRM ammo, one ton of SRM and 1 ton of Inferno ammo? Is that 1 slot for MML5 ammo, or 3 slots for each ammo type?
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Re: (Research) Ammunition slots on combat vehicles.
« Reply #1 on: 10 September 2020, 09:29:23 »
All ammo for a weapon type is one slot.  If you have a 5 tons of MML 3 ammo, it’s one slot. Regardless of whether it’s then filled with SRM, LRM, inferno SRM, swarm LRM and smoke LRM. It’s by weapon type, all ammo for that weapon type is one slot. There is no requirement for all the ammunition in a slot to be of the same type. A single slot containing multiple tons of ammo may be used for as many different alternate munitions as the player likes, up to the number of tons being carried.
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