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Author Topic: (Answered) Combat Vehicle Turret BVs  (Read 1233 times)


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(Answered) Combat Vehicle Turret BVs
« on: 17 March 2020, 11:06:21 »
Currently the BV Errata PDF (version 4.0) on page 9 states (under Calculate Offensive Battle Value)

"Turret-Mounted Weapons: Turret-mounted weapons are always treated as facing forwards when calculating their Battle Value."

Is this correct however?

The Battle Value for weapons is modified for firing to the rear, but if the rear-firing weapons have a greater BV than the forward firing weapons, then the rear arc becomes the "main" arc, and counts its full BV towards the Offensive BV of the unit, and the forward firing weapons count half their BV. If you counted Turret weapons in always in the forward arc, then their BV would be discounted if the rear firing weaponry BV was greater than the forward firing.

TacOps gets around this by stating for the various advanced turrets (page 381)

"All weapons and equipment mounted on a ’Mech in a turret is counted as being in the front firing arc if the Offensive BV of all forward-firing non-turret mounted equipment is greater than that of rear-firing non-turret mounted equipment (otherwise it is treated as being in the rear arc)."

So should they be considered forward firing, or should they be considered in the primary arc and always count their BV as full?

Although I just thought about it, and there's another interpretation. "always counted as forward facing when calculating their BV" could also mean that the turret weapons are counted as forward facing when trying to calculate the Primary arc to determine which arc has its Weapon BV's cut in half.

Also, I'd really suggest the Rear-firing Weapons section be rewritten, since it seems to be cut and paste from the mech section, and has references to rules that don't apply to Combat Vehicles.
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Re: (Research) - Combat Vehicle Turret BVs
« Reply #1 on: 09 August 2020, 14:45:18 »
"Weapons mounted in a turret are not included in any arc, and their full BV value is always used."

This was the wording in the older prints and should be applied here, and yeah, it seems some copy/paste shenanigans wiped some key wording out.  I'll look to re-edit the entry to bring it up to speed.
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