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Author Topic: (Answered) Must small craft and larger space units include infantry bay doors  (Read 1754 times)


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The TechManual seems to have conflicting statements about whether infantry bays require bay doors.

On page 196, it says "Transport bays—including those for fighters, BattleMechs and other units—must assign a minimum of 1 bay door each, to allow for entry and egress from the vessel."

Infantry certainly qualify as "other units," so this would indicate that every infantry bay must have at least one door, even for marines stuck in infantry bays on a WarShip.

However, on page 209, it says "Small Craft, DropShips and Large Support Vehicles that carry other units beyond infantry (conventional or battle armored) should have at least one bay door per transport bay."

This specifically excludes infantry. So, is my reading of page 196 incorrect?

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The wording on  209 is correct, and the current TRO's reflect this.
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