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Author Topic: Individual Jump Jet pricing  (Read 3080 times)


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Individual Jump Jet pricing
« on: 11 July 2011, 13:28:06 »
I see in the Costs and Availability section that jump jets on a 'Mech as a whole cost (for standard JJs) 200 x (Number of Total Jump Jets Squared) x Mech Tonnage.

If someone wanted to buy Jump Jets individually (for replacement purposes), would it be just 200 x 1 x Mech tonnage? Or is there another factor that needs to be worked in?

My example is: A player in a campaign desires to add 5 jump jets to his Wolverine. After making the necessary room, the purchase cost for those Jump Jets per the Tech Manual Costs would be 275,000 c-bills for the set.  With the example above, he could just buy 5 of them at 11,000 apiece for a total of 55,000 c-bills.

Which is correct?
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