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Title: (Answered) BV for C3
Post by: Rougarou Rhapsody on 02 March 2022, 07:34:10
There has been a lot of disagreement on how to do the BV for a C3 networks on Facebook lately.  The rules state "Add 5 percent of the total BV of all units in a C3 network to each of the units linked by each network."  This seems pretty clear to me but there are at least 2 other interpretations that are being put forward.

Which way is BV calculated with example lance
Daimyo-5k (1087BV)
Nyx-110 (805BV)
Jenner-c (832BV)
Venom-9kc (939BV)
(3663BV when not networked)

A)1087×1.05= 1141.35
805×1.05= 845.25
832×1.05= 873.6
939×1.05= 985.95
(Networked total= 3846BV)

B).05 of units total BV(3663) = 183.15
183.15+183.15+183.15+183.15+3660= 4395BV (for force BV)


C) .05 of 4 units is 183.15. 183.15 for each of the 4 units is added to each unit so 183.15*4= 732.6 to each unit. Making BV 6,593 (3663+732.6+732.6+732.6+732.6)

I believe it is option B. Am I correct?
Also how long has the correct answer (whatever it may be) been the way BV is calculated?
Title: Re: BV for C3
Post by: Xotl on 08 March 2022, 21:19:26
Option B is correct.  Since TechManual came out (2007).