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Author Topic: (Answered) Field Kitchen Support Capability  (Read 1472 times)

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(Answered) Field Kitchen Support Capability
« on: 21 November 2021, 22:00:10 »
From Tech Manual p217 - Field Kitchen ("Weapons and Other Equipment" -> "Heavy Equipment")
Edition: Tactical Handbook (1994) Cover by Doug Chaffee, Corrected 4th printing
"field kitchens (referred to on some vehicles as a galley) are essentially mobile cafeterias equipped to supply the culinary needs of up to 150 troops or workers"

However, according to Campaign Operations p219 a single Field Kitchen will support 150 troops plus support personnel.
Edition: (Corrected 2nd printing, printed in China, cover by Steve Venters, from the Battleforce Box set - 1987)
Field Kitchen: Forces that have access to field kitchen reduce fatigue by 1 extra point. One field kitchen can supply 150 combat troops (and their support personnel) per Morale/Fatigue Cycle. When determining which forces have access to the available field kitchen resources, do not split any units; that is, all 28 ground-pounders in that platoon are counted or none are.

I would like a clarification of if Field Kitchens will support 150 people at a time, 150 workers plus families/support personnel, or 150 workers total.

Which of these options is the closest to being correct:
A) Field Kitchens serve up to 150 people at a time.  If this is true then could the Field Kitchen be set up with one hour meal rotations?  This would allow it to serve up to 3600 meals, which at 3 meals per person would allow supporting 1200 people)

B) Field Kitchens serve up to 150 people plus families/dependents (per Campaign Operations).  If this is true, what would be a good ratio of dependents per person?

C) Field Kitchens can serve up to 150 people total.  If so, then in order to feed 1200 people I would need 8 Field Kitchens (i.e. 150 troops + 1050 Support personnel)

(My personal interpretation is 150 people total, but I want to make sure)

This thread seemed similar but seemed more focused on the endurance of a Field Kitchen, rather than how many people it could support:
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Re: (Researching) Field Kitchen Support Capability
« Reply #1 on: 23 December 2021, 00:24:29 »
150 plus the crew of the Field Kitchen.
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