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Author Topic: (Answered) C3 additional BV costs  (Read 2356 times)


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(Answered) C3 additional BV costs
« on: 11 December 2014, 15:07:17 »
So I have been wondering about c3 networks. As it is written on page 313 of Tech Manual- I add 5% Bv of all networked units to each unit. This clearly means that the bigger network bigger the bv costs are. For example I take three mechs all worth 2000bv and one squad of c3 Kage worth 130 bv. In the end I add 306 bv to each unit, right? So my total bv is 7354. Which means I pay 436 bv for a squad of Kage.
Thats a lot of additional BV! And it gets worse when you add more units- it is acctually 5% for each unit in network, so a 10 unit c3 network would cost additional 50% bv, right?
I would agree to this costs if my c3 would work without LOS, but after errata this doesn't seem balanced anymore. Really, under this circumstances I don't want to field those awesome Kage spotters anymore! C3 is now simply to expensive to use now.
It is my firm belief that this matter needs serious attention- current rules exclude c3 use, due to same high costs vs. lowered usability. I think that adding only 10% to whole network would be some balance.
edit: i am reffering to page. 33 for Total Warfre Errata 4.01

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Re: C3 additional BV costs.
« Reply #1 on: 11 December 2014, 16:02:08 »
There are no changes intended to the C3 BV rules at this time, I'm afraid.  Cheers.
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Re: (Answered) C3 additional BV costs
« Reply #2 on: 11 December 2014, 16:46:21 »
Ok. Thanks for answer.