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Author Topic: UMUs and BV Calculation  (Read 594 times)


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UMUs and BV Calculation
« on: 25 January 2022, 13:11:59 »
I searched for the topic and didnt find this discussed but apologies in advance if I missed it here or an Errata.

For Mechs using UMUs, when determining the Speed Factor for BV calcs , do you use 1/2 of the UMU distance just like you normally use 1/2 the jump distance?  Tech Manual p.304 and Errata p. 3 specifically say Jumping with no reference to UMU movement.  An example is the Men Shen MS1-OU which has 6/9 (12) movement (MASC) with 6 UMU movement.  Using both values, the speed factor would be 2.3 based on 15 (12 +3).  The official BV of 1725 comes out as if you do use the UMU value.  That may answer my question but I wanted to ask anyway as these two types of movement aren't applicable on the same type of battlefield, if that makes sense.

When calculating heat efficiency for BV, would the 1 heat point for the UMUs ever be applicable since being submerged will shed up to 6 points of heat per turn?

Thanks for your consideration and/or clarification.